Alaghbandian Group is a highly active industrial, commercial, agricultural, and livestock entity both domestically and globally.

The major activity of M.T. Alaghbandian Trading is focused on import and export. Among others, Iranian pistachio is one of the most important export products of our trading company which amounts to millions of dollars annually.


Innovation and produce

M.T. Alaghbandian Trading Company as the main body of M.T.A Group under the leadership of Mr. Mohammad Taghi Alaghbandian has a key role in nurturing the group both in commercial and industrial fields.

The history

Alaghbandian Industrial and Commercial group was established in 1950 by MR.Mohammad Taghi Alaghbandian, an Iranian entrepreneur, innovator, job creator, and highly successful businessman.

our units

The market trend is the key factor that guidelines M.T.A imports. Having an extreamly efficient transportation and supply mechanism, MTA trading always welcomes any proposal and suggestions on importing the government sanctioned commodities and products to Iran.


Mr.M.T.Alaghbandian’s legacy was to establish an industrial & commercial group

Alagbandian Group is engaged in various industrial, commercial, agricultural and livestock fields, both inside the country and abroad.

The market trend guides the direction of M.T.A import.Upon the widespread facilities and possibilities, M.T.Alaghbandian Trading highly appreciates any proposal on importing the diferent permitted commodities and products to Iran.


This company has continued to pursue its endeavoursin a structured way, so that GGC’s total production facilities now exceed 3,000,000 m2 in area





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