Our design company: Vindeco

Bita Family

Modern simplicity

Whether a book, a decorative or anything pleasing your eyes; a bookcase displaying beauty in its transparency is where you like your valuables to be. Bita grants the spirit of modernity to any space.

Ronak Family

Infinite Transparency

Ronak products consist of showcases and coffee tables. Two-sided showcases of this group are the best choices to separate spaces in any room.

They display beauty from all angles and grant the area with an attractive look. Ronak tables can easily blend with any element surrounding them due to their special leg design. Experience the infinite beauty of Ronak by placing a flower pot in any color on its surface.

Sonia Family

Bright and original

olygon shaped surfaces of this group enhance the area with original Iranian art as well as simplicity and modernity. Sonia will look more brilliant and eye-catching under professional lighting.

Grant your area with warmth, beauty and Eastern art spirit by placing traditional decorations on sonia.