Alaghbandian Industrial & Commercial Corp.


Alaghbandian Industrial and Commercial group was established in 1950 by MR.Mohammad Taghi Alaghbandian, an Iranian entrepreneur, innovator, job creator, and highly successful businessman.

The legacy of Mr. M. T. Alagbandian's has been to establish an industrial & commercial group, with the innovative and latest technology in the world in various industrial and commercial sectors, and all his goals have been achieved during his leadership.

Since the passing of Mr.M.T. Alaghbandian on October 22, 2017, his sons have maintained and furthered his legacy and goals.

Currently, Alaghbandian Industrial & Commercial Corp. owns and operates various industrial entities such as Petrochemical Production Plant producing raw materials for medical purposes, cement plants, glass manufacturing facilities, ceramic production factory, packaging Plants, textile industries, etc., as well as various commercial units such as international trading companies, commercial industrial properties and etc.

Utalizing the latest and most innovative global technology; Alaghbandian Group, has not only expanded and updated the current industrial branches, but also has established new manufacturing facilities employing the latest state of the art and environmentally friendlly technology.

We achieve innovations and new approaches through the combination of years of experience, creativity and an open mind for all new technologies, we continue to develop ourselves. This gives us the capability of becoming more efficient. We learned from the past; to invest with foresight and experience in the future.